Jeevani of up Masters athletic Association


       All India Veteran Athletic Association was Farmed in 1978. The First national meet of this association was conducted in Chandigard in the following year. It received Lukewarm response and very few came to Participate but in the nest two years the thing changed up side down with sparking result Andover whelming Shri Milkha Singh Joined hands with a Singapore based Olympian Shri Haris Chandra and Asian yeteran body came in to Existence in 1980 First Asian meet was organized in 1981 at Singapore in which ten countres took part. It was the beginning a new are in the field of sports particularly in athletics. The then Idea was to build helthy India. They Kenw that it could not be done through hospitals only for that people hone to be taken to play fields. One thing is sure that when a person starts going to play field he does not go to Hospitals. No doubt the idea was conceived way back by none other then worthy “Flying sikh” Shri Mikha Singh the idea was to mobilize elderly people to take part in out door activities like athletics to combat aging and live a healthy life. To achiere this goal.We can find sea changes in this format in the last three decades many things have changed. It has changed from veteran to masters (2004) and many new athletic events have been introducted.Today athletics both men and women above the age of 35 are eligible to take in any of the athletic events during state or national level competitions. Playing a sport is undoubtedly a fun activity regular activities in sport not only unproves our physical fitness but also enhances our personalily as will as maintains our mental well being regular training and participation in sport develops persons social skills.Athletics play very unportent role in one’s life as will provide platform where one can know and improve one’s potentialialties in different event e.g. self relinnce,courage, beliefs, toterance, capacity and capability it improve, Endurance, stamina, Speed,Strength and Power.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


   K.N. Upadhyay  (General Secretary)

  UP Masters Athletics  Association